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The medical field is the ultimate realm of discretion and confidentiality. Email is a quick and easy method of communication for any physician, but by its nature it is an open, public system and certainly not discreet, confidential or secure. Even an email traveling only several miles often crosses the nation, passing through 10 to 25 different unsecured servers, all of which are susceptible to hackers, compromise and pirating.


Email productivity, availability, quality, and compliance are core issues for all physicians and surgeons - medical practices simply cannot function efficiently without reliable email.


Unfortunately more than 85% of all email traffic today consists of spam, malicious threats, or offensive material. Medical professionals are in danger from increasingly sophisticated networks of criminal hackers, spammers, and phishers.


In addition, you now have to manage email communications to protect your intellectual property, be proactive against lawsuits, and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates, like Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLB) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

As a physician or medical professional, you need to be concerned about the security of the sensitive information you are sending between your practice, your partners and your patients. HIPAA and GLB regulations are very clear regarding the importance of safeguarding this personal health information, and the deadlines have long passed for these safeguards to be in place.



Axcension secure email solution


Axcension provides a complete, reliable and full-featured secure email solution that is:

  1. quick to set up

  2. easy to use

  3. inexpensive to maintain

Axcension email security helps keep your inbox free from spam, threats and junk mail, keeping your medical practice compliant and more productive. It blocks spam, viruses, phishing, and email threats, and provides sophisticated message management and policy enforcement.


Our system allows you to send and receive encrypted email, provides an audit trail of all secure messages and is easily accessible from any internet connection. You can access your account through Outlook or the Web on any computer, laptop or PDA with an internet connection.












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