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Medical Web Site Design

The average time a visitor will spend on any page of your site is less than one minute. The time it takes them to make a decision about your practice based on your website is even less than that. The graphic design, layout, navigation and overall look-and-feel of your site give your visitor an immediate impression of your practice. A professionally designed site is important in assuring that their first impression is favorable.



Medical Content Development

Axcension offers website content writing and SEO copywriting as part of your custom design process. Having your pages written by a professional website copywriter will not only improve conversion rates but provides favorable long-term SEO results. This service not only helps bring your site to the next level, but also helps get the site up and running quickly and without taking precious time away from your busy schedule.


Search Engine Optimization

Having a professionally designed web site is important. It is more important, however, that your website can be easily found by current and new patients. Search Engine Optimization is the process by which your site is indexed and ranked by the search engines. Some of the most important components of this process being well-written content with strategically placed keywords and properly coded Meta and Title tags.



Medical Web Site Promotion

There are several ways you can promote your practice and your website on the internet. Search Engine Optimization, SEO copywriting, search engine submission and pay-per-clicks are all involved in this process. Axcension will help you in deciding which ones you need, which ones are most important and which ones will offer you the best results.



Internet Marketing For Medical Professionals

Search Engine Optimization is only one step in successfully marketing your site on the internet. As the use of the internet constantly expands, so does your competition. Staying ahead and maintaining a top position is an ongoing process. Axcension's goal is to offer and implement the best marketing strategy for your practice and your budget.



Media Coverage and Public Relations for Physicians and Surgeons








HIPAA and GLB Compliance

Physicians and medical professionals deal with many patients and cases, and these always involve handling clients personal health and financial information. Keeping this information secure falls under HIPAA and GLB regulations. As a covered entity under these compliance requirements, physicians, surgeons, dentists and medical professionals risk hefty fines and possible imprisonment if this information falls into the wrong hands.



Secure HIPAA Email for Medical Professionals

Axcension helps physicians, surgeons and medical professionals comply with HIPAA and GLB regulations by offering secure email solutions including a private domain option that allows you to send and receive secure messages from any location. Our Houston based servers allow us to maintain your web site securely while delivering quality email security solutions for your practice.



Website Traffic Analysis and Reports

Our third-party service allows you to track which search engines and keywords drive the most traffic and easily generate search engine marketing reports. Keyword analysis is provided to use for search engine optimization and search engine placement analysis. Track repeat visitors from pay per click campaigns, such as, Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Overture.









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