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A well designed, professional, and informative medical website will enable you to compete directly in this ever-growing market. Axcension can provide you with a professional web site that includes:

  • Informative medical content development

  • High resolution, professional graphics

  • Professionally detailed HTML coding

  • Website tracking and reports

  • Interactive contact pages

  • Online patient forms

  • Custom designs with emphasis on ranking

  • Fast loading, visitor friendly web pages

  • Cross-browser compatibility

  • Search engine marketing

  • Hosting

  • Appointment request forms

  • HIPAA compliant email

  • Medical Information & the Internet

80% of adult Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched health topics online, making the act of looking for health information one of the most popular online activities, second only to email.

A recent New York Times article reports that patients are increasingly seeking medical advice and assistance online and by email, and that health plans and insurance companies across the country are now reimbursing health care providers for these consultations.

Advantages of a professionally designed site

A professional medical website is not simply another form of advertising. It's a full-time, interactive medium for educating patients and promoting your practice. Your website will quickly provide a way for patients to learn more about you, your practice, and their condition and care. Medical consumers frequently research health information anonymously. Many patients who would avoid asking questions in person frequently go online for answers. Your medical website will enable you to better control the quality of information provided.


HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA calls for strict protection of patient information and clear disclosure of a medical provider's privacy policy. HIPAA regulations require that patient information sent by electronic means (email, website forms, online messaging) must be protected against unauthorized access.

Axcension understands the importance of these regulations and clearly defines how we can help you maintain HIPAA compliance through:

  • Online and downloadable HIPAA Privacy Statements

  • Secure web communication

  • Encrypted patient-physician email

Axcension can also provide you with contact forms that comply with HIPAA regulations as well as up to 20 email addresses for your primary domain. Additional services can be purchased through us including:

  • VPN service

  • Secure File and Document Transfer and

  • Large File Transfer (up to 1+ Gigabyte files)









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